Tropical Holiday Special

Tropical Holiday Special
Tropical Holiday SpecialTropical Holiday Special
Tropical Holiday SpecialTropical Holiday Special

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Brighten the Holidays with a burst of Tropical Flowers & a "Flowers of Hawaii" 2020 Calendar!

Our Tropical Holiday bouquet features some of our brightly colored Heliconia flowers that bloom this time of year, such as "Oriel Orange" and "Kauai Christmas". The gingers flowering for this season include Shampoo Ginger (Awapuhi), Red Torch, or Red Ginger. Bright red "Tropic Fire" or red & green "Mickey Mouse" Anthuriums add a special touch. Complimented with a selection of smaller heliconias, costus flowers, red & green Hawaiian Ti Leaves, and a "Song of India" accent.

This Special 22 piece arrangement contains an assortment of 12 Tropical Flowers, 10 Colorful Foliage, and a 2020 "Flowers of Hawaii" Calendar. Flower arrangement is approximately 25" tall.

FedEx 2nd Day shipping is included. See our checkout page for more information on shipping. Flowers vary with the season.

*To order a Macadamia Nut Chocolates, Custom Gift Card, or other Hawaiian treats, please visit our "Extras" section.

*For Delivery to ALASKA, FedEx requires an additional $15 shipping upgrade*

A colorful burst of tropical flowers & "Flowers of Hawaii" calendar

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Shampoo ginger, "Awapuhi"

Now that the winter months are coming to Hawaii, with shorter days and cooler temperatures, most of our Beehive Ginger varieties have disappeared and gone dormant until springtime. Coming into season are the Shampoo Ginger flowers, also members of the Zingiber family. "Awapuhi", in the Hawaiian language, was brought to the Hawaiian Islands centuries ago as a 'canoe plant' with the early Polynesian settlers.

When the "awapuhi kuahiwi" flowers initially appear, they are green, but turn to bright red as they mature. The mature flower has a pleasant scent and contains a foamy juice that you can wash your hair with.

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