May 13, 2022

Our Fancy Ti Plant Varieties

The original Ti plants (Ki) were brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians as one of their “canoe plants”. The leaves had many uses such as in ceremonies, wrapping food, plates or cups, clothing, medicine, and thatching.

Today, Ti leaves are still used in ceremonies, such as in blessings for new projects or new buildings. The leaves are also used for decoration, braided into ti leaf leis, and used as coverings for lu’au tables. Ti plants are always planted at homes for good luck.

Now there are hundreds of Ti varieties, many of them hybridized in Hawaii. The official name is “Cordyline Fruticosa”.  Ti Leaf Foliage (pronounced the same as “Tea”) grows in single or multicolored hues, in different sizes and shapes: long or short, thin or wide, miniature or large.

Ti leaves are included with all of Kalani Tropicals’ flower arrangements and once a year, the Ti plants put out a flower of their own. Here we feature some of our fancy Ti plant collection for you to enjoy.