Gift of Hawaiian Treats


Some of our favorite Hawaiian treats.

Add some extra aloha to compliment any bouquet. This bundle includes a few of our favorite gifts from Hawaii. Including delicious Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Hawaii Coffee Roasters all purpose grind coffee, and a colorful hibiscus mug.

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts (14 pieces, 5 oz.), Hawaii coffee (7 oz.), mug (11 oz.).

Meant to be an add-on to your flower order. If purchased separately, shipping charges will apply.

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Tropical spotlight: Coffee

Even though Hawaii is now famous for it’s delicious coffee, you may also be surprised to learn that coffee is not native to Hawaii. It was introduced from Brazil in the early 1800’s.

Hawaii has all of the ideal conditions needed to grow coffee: volcanic soil, plenty of sunshine, rain, and a temperate climate.

Grown from seed, it typically takes 3 – 5 years for the coffee tree to bear fruit. When mature, the trees flower with a sweet white flower similar to jasmine. The flowers produce clusters of green “cherries” which take a few months to ripen to a deep red. It is then ready to harvest and process into the drink that helps us all wake up in the morning!