Tropical Beehive Special


Seasonal spring bouquet featuring special tropical flowers.

Spring has arrived in Kauai when our beehive ginger flowers re-appear! Our spring special features a colorful tropical mix of gold, red, pink, and orange tropical flowers. Beautiful beehive blooms combine with heliconia and costus flowers to create a colorful arrangement sure to brighten any occasion. Set on a backdrop of ti leaves, ferns, and dracaena. A lovely gift delivered direct from our flower farm on Kauai.

20 pieces with 10 tropical flowers and 10 foliage. Approximately 25″ tall.

FedEx 2nd Day shipping is included. Deliveries to Alaska require a $15 shipping upgrade.

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Tropical flower spotlight: blushing beehives

The beehive flowers love the jungle habitat. They grow at the base of the tall leaf stalks, which reach about 6 feet in height. As they mature, a reddish “blushing” tint develops on the beehive flower and small “orchid” type flowers appear in between the “honeycomb” patterns. Beehive plants go dormant every fall. The whole plant dies back and then re-emerges several months later when it's springtime in Kauai. Sending the signal that spring is here. Welcome back beehives!