May 13, 2023

Mother Nature’s gift of fragrance and delicate beauty

Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Nature and all of the Mothers in your Ohana!

Kahili Gingers are a summertime favorite at Kalani Tropicals: Peach, Yellow, and White. These exquisite natives of India are grown for their fragrant clusters of blossoms. Just one flower in a room fills the space with such a wonderful perfume! The Yellow Kahili’s Sanskrit name is “Gandasuli”, meaning ”fragrance of the Princess”.

Enjoy the flowers while you can! Each cluster only lasts for a few days. We usually group our plantings in with other foliage-type plants in our “Jungle Garden”.

Appearing in early summer through late fall, the flowers then disappear until the following year. The old 6’ – 8’ stalks die right back after the flowering period, while the rhizomes continue to develop underground.