May 11, 2024

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy Mother Nature’s gift of fragrance and delicate beauty

Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Nature and all of the Mothers in your Ohana!

Kahili Gingers are a summertime favorite at Kalani Tropicals: Peach, Yellow, and White. These exquisite natives of India are grown for their fragrant clusters of blossoms. Just one flower in a room fills the space with such a wonderful perfume! The Yellow Kahili’s Sanskrit name is “Gandasuli”, meaning ”fragrance of the Princess”.

Enjoy the flowers while you can! Each cluster only lasts for a few days. We usually group our plantings in with other foliage-type plants in our “Jungle Garden”.

Appearing in early summer through late fall, the flowers then disappear. The old 6’ – 8’ stalks die right back after the flowering period, while the rhizomes continue to develop underground to appear again next year.

Happy Mother’s Day! Hau`oli Lâ Makuahine!