April 13, 2020

Giant “Red Caribaea” Tropical Flowers

Giant Red Caribaeas are one of the most spectacular heliconia flowers we ship. These magnificent blooms are featured in some of the larger, more dramatic gift bouquets such as the Hanalei or Kauai tropical arrangements. One of the largest heliconias in the world, fully mature flowers can measure 14″ – 18″ tall and, once cut, can last up to 3 weeks. The plants average 20 feet in height. In Hawaii, the growing season lasts from spring to late fall.

Heliconia flowers are not native to Hawaii, but thrive in the tropical climate. As you can guess from the name, “Heliconia Caribaea” originated in the Caribbean, and were introduced to Hawaii in the 1950’s. The name “heliconia” is from Mount Helicon in Greece, sanctuary for the nine goddesses known as Muses, divine spirits of inspiration in Greek mythology. An appropriate name for a truly inspiring tropical flower!

Kalani Tropicals is happy to be able to share this beautiful bloom with you to be shipped anywhere in the USA. It is currently featured in our Hanalei Tropical Flower Arrangement and “Best of Kauai” Tropical Flower Arrangement. Make a note in the comments section of our order form and we’ll do our best to include one with your arrangement.