October 18, 2019

Indonesian Wax Ginger

Do you think that Beehives look unreal? Well, let us introduce you to Indonesian Wax Ginger…

These dark red cone-shaped flowers resemble an upside-down pineapple! Like Beehives, they look like they are made of soft wax or plastic, but in fact they are very hard when you touch them, and quite spiky.

Just like the Beehives, the Indonesian Wax Ginger goes dormant over the winter months, only to re-appear in the late spring and flowers until early fall.

Here in Hawaii, Indonesian Wax Ginger’s foliage can grow to 8 feet in height. It consists of thick, jointed bamboo-like stems that grow directly from numerous rhizomes. The 3 – 4 foot flower stems sprout directly from the base of the plant. It prefers the moist, humid, full shade of the rain forest. This most beautiful and exotic plant is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, and Australia.

Indonesian Wax Ginger is excellent and long-lasting as a cut flower – maybe you’ll discover one in your bouquet!