August 29, 2012

Beautiful Orchids in Bloom

This is the time of year for orchids to flower. We love orchids but, with everything else to do on the farm, we don’t really have the time to pamper them. However, we’ve noticed that orchids are very forgiving! Mostly left alone on our planting bench with some occasional fertilizer and watering, they still produce lovely flowers! Then we can bring the pot into the house to enjoy for a few weeks:)

There were some world-class orchids at the Kauai County Farm Fair last weekend, two of which we’ll feature here:

A vanda orchid, ‘V. Fuch’s Delight x V. Kasem’s Delight,  grown by Keith Do was awarded an American Orchid Society Highly Commended Certificate of Merit at the orchid display hosted by the Garden Island Orchid Society. Keith also happens to be the proprietor of Pho Kauai, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant located in Lihue, where he displays many of his admirable orchid collection for customers to enjoy.

Deedee Gorospe’s 8-year-old Grammatophyllum citrinum (Hihinanu) earned a blue ribbon in the Garden Island Orchid Society show. Deedee said the huge blooming plant has 37 sprays!