August 14, 2013

A Perfect Day for Fun in the Sun and Sand in Hanalei

The Hawaii Sand Castle Art Sculpture Festival is an annual one-day family event held in Kauai where even adults can be a kid again and build a creation in the sand 🙂

This year the Festival was held at the Black Pot Beach near the Hanalei Pier on August 10th and attracted about 500 Kauai residents and tourists, either building or marveling at the sculptures. Contestants have only 4 hours to build their creations which are later judged for originality, creativity, and intricacy.

Being held in Hanalei led to a number of dragon-themed creations based on the popular song “Puff the Magic Dragon” recorded in the 60’s by Peter, Paul, and Mary. But the contest also produced a number of elaborate sand castles, mermaids, a hammerhead shark, hippos, aliens with a ufo, a VW van, a submarine, and a real actively, smoking volcano!

You can check out the winners at the Festival Facebook page